Tips for Connecting to Resources

By Andrea Ostroy, Kinship Support Specialist, Boulder County Housing & Human Services

There are many resources available to grandparents raising grandchildren throughout Colorado but navigating them can be challenging. Below are some general tips to help you avoid a few of the speed bumps you may hit along the way. Every situation is different so be sure to look within your community for additional resources that meet the specific needs of your family.

  1. Find out if your county has a Kinship Navigator or Kinship Support Staff to help you connect with specific community resources relating to grandparents raising grandchildren. Statewide support groups can be found at:
  2. As a grandparent raising your grandchild, you may qualify for county, state and/or federal programs including Medicaid/CHP+ and Child Only TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families). Child Only TANF funds can provide monthly cash assistance for each child in your care. A grandparent's income is not considered when deciding a child's eligibility for these programs unless you have adopted the child. If this is the case, your income may still qualify the child for Medicaid, but they would not be eligible to receive any Child Only TANF funds. Medicaid can also be used as a secondary insurance provider to help cover deductibles, co-pays and other fees not covered by the primary provider. For more information on TANF you can visit: or contact your local human services agency.
  3. When applying for Medicaid and/or Child Only TANF be sure to ask about other programs you may be eligible for such as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formally known as Food Stamps), Medicare savings programs (QMB), and the Low Income Home Energy Assistance program (LEAP). Eligibility requirements for each program vary.
  4. Ask about scholarships. Often times your grandchildren qualify for financial assistance with camps, recreation centers and other activity based programs regardless of your income.
  5. Childcare is one of the biggest challenges grandparents raising grandchildren face. You may qualify for CCCAP (Colorado Child Care Assistance Program) or Head Start, regardless of your income. Also, be sure to check with your city or county for programs like GAP or CLIFF that offer additional financial support. More information about CCCAP visit:
  6. Attend a grandparents raising grandchildren support group. This will give you an opportunity to meet and network with other grandparents raising grandchildren and learn about resources specific to your community. Statewide support groups can be found at:
  7. Many children are living with their grandparents informally. To learn more about filing for adoption, permanent custody or guardianship in Colorado visit:
  8. Contact your local senior center. They frequently have special classes, workshops and support services for grandparent raising grandchildren and often times you don't need to be a senior to attend.
  9. Can't find a resource try calling 2-1-1 to access free health and human services information and referral in Colorado.


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