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Sharing Laughter Brings Support (3/13)

By Emily Koeppel, B.A. and Lindsay Hornell, BSW, B.A.,
Graduate Research Assistants in Human Development & Family Studies,
Colorado State University

Gail, Joe and BrysonGail and her husband, Joe, first noticed their daughter, Casey, struggling with mental health issues when she was in her 20's. A few years after her diagnosis of bipolar disorder, Casey became pregnant. She found herself needing extra support from her parents because she would soon be a single mother of a little boy named Bryson. For the first three years, Casey and Bryson lived with Gail and Joe. During that time, Casey became pregnant and had her daughter, Rylee. Casey decided to move out of her parent's house and try to raise the two children on her own. With the stress of dealing with bipolar disorder and raising two children, Casey quickly found herself in a very overwhelming situation. Read the full story.

A Sudden Change in Direction (12/09)

By Kim Bundy-Fazioli & Christine Fruhauf, CSU, College of Applied Human Science

The RV is in the driveway, you are packed, and your dreams of traveling across the country are about to come true. Then the phone rings and it is a person you don't know asking if you can take care of your grandchild. Suddenly, your life changes direction. As one grandmother shared "It was like Sunday night I got him, on Tuesday we were in court and they awarded us temporary custody." Your life is now different. You are faced with hurdles that you had never expected. And you also experiencing moments of pure love and joy that give you the strength to get through the day. How did this happen you think to yourself? "It was supposed to be a temporary support thing." Read the full story.

Grandma's Heart (9/09)

By: Jacque Miller, CSU Larimer County Extension Agent, Family and Consumer Sciences

Roger was born in the Philippines in 1975. Before he was even born his parents didn't want him. His only memory of his father was when he was leaving. "While I cried at the door, my memory of my mother was her shrugging her shoulders and, without words, saying there was nothing she could do to stop him." Roger struggles with his feelings of confusion and abandonment. Read Roger's story.

Painting a Picture of Hope (6/09)

By: Jacque Miller, CSU Larimer County Extension Agent, Family and Consumer Sciences

Out of the country teaching orphans how to watercolor, Sally received an email that her grandson in Colorado needed her. She packed her bags and flew home, not knowing what to bring or how long she would be in Colorado. Read more about Sally's story.

Care, Love and Support Goes a Long Way (4/09)

By: Audra Dreier, CSU Service Learning Student

Almost 12 years ago, Colton was a two and a half year old boy living with his Dad and Grandma inside a small pink trailer located in Loveland, Colorado. Colton's parents had just divorced and Dad received custody. Having no place to go, Dad turned to his mother Mary Sewald for support. Without hesitation Mary opened her home to her son and grandson. Mary explained that the adjustment was hard because of limited living space; however, it was helpful because Colton always had someone there for him. For a little over six years the family lived together until Dad became very ill. He had chronic back problems and eventually was restricted to a wheel chair. Unfortunately, when Colton was about eight years old his father passed away. Read more of Mary's story.

Navigating the Roadblocks: Raising Grandchildren in Northern Colorado (2/09)Tanner Grandchildren

Linda Tanner was getting ready to retire and travel the countryside when life drew a new hand for her to play. And even though this hand came with limited resources and countless struggles, she's played a pretty good game.

Linda always played a big role in her two grandchildren's lives. She was there when Gage and Taylor were born, and they all lived in Kansas. In 1998, Gage and Taylor's family moved to California, and Linda went to visit them that Christmas. That's when she knew the children were
in danger. Learn more.

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