Affordable Housing

By Emily Koeppel, B.A, Graduate Research Assistant
Department of Human Development and Family Studies
Colorado State University

Affordable Housing

Raising grandchildren can come with several financial hardships, including food, transportation, and housing. As grandchildren move in with grandparents, there may be a need for more living space but there may not be financial resources to accommodate such a need. With the increasing number of grandparents raising grandchildren, some cities and states have started taking action in helping grandparents find affordable and comfortable housing to live in with their grandchildren. Many metro areas have created housing specifically for grandparents raising grandchildren within retirement communities and apartment buildings. These housing units are meant to accommodate the space and financial needs of grandparents raising grandchildren. Cities such as Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Los Angeles, New York, Newark and Phoenix have developed housing specifically for families like yours. Affordable housing for grandfamilies are beginning to become popular, so be sure to check your state and city to see if there are any housing developments that are available or planning to be built for grandparents raising grandchildren.

States such as Colorado have unfortunately not been able to build specific housing for grandparents raising grandchildren, but there are some other affordable housing options to look into through state and federal programs. Many programs can help find affordable housing options, give financial assistance for rent payments, or help lower mortgage payments. Many of these programs have waiting lists, so it is important to find the right program and get on the waiting list as fast as possible.

Housing Colorado is one of the helpful programs in Colorado that works towards assisting families in finding affordable housing. On their website, there are tips, programs, and educational sessions to sign up for and attend for free.

Making Home Affordable is another federal program that is helpful in a variety of ways for grandparents raising grandchildren. On this website, you can explore the different housing programs, read about understanding key concepts within housing and financial services, and read tips on how to avoid housing scams, which are something to be aware of when looking for affordable housing.

Although it may seem challenging to find the right program, there are affordable housing options in your community that can help all types of families. Be sure to research, ask questions, and be proactive when looking for affordable housing for you and your grandchild.